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I don’t profess to be an expert (because there is nothing more annoying than someone telling you what to do), however in the span of my career, I’ve picked up some tips along the way in making it a smoother process for everyone in the area of Logo Design. (Of course, they can be applied really to anything design wise, or even anything in life!)

Tips for making your logo standout

1. Hire a great designer – a no brainer

View and review their portfolio. Do you think they can capture your brand?

2. Know what you want – don’t be a flake

To be a little blunt, among the design community, the dreaded words are “I don’t know, you are the designer, do your magic.” Although it might appear that you are paying your designer a compliment or think they love to work off a blank canvas, this is quite the opposite. Designers need a little direction on such things as a preferred choice of  colour palette, design elements to incorporate, the “look” you are going for. From my past experience, I’ve done this a few times and the end result turned out tragic. If you don’t know what you want, chances are, I won’t know what you want either.

3. Don’t have too many cooks in the kitchen
When you get your initial proof, it is very exciting and you wish to share it with the world. Although it is recommended to share and get thoughts from close friends and family, too many opinions might make you doubt yourself. There’s nothing worse than a logo designed as a result from the fact that “Aunt Kiki wasn’t liking the dominance of the blue”. Bottom Line: Too many people will turn your logo into a complete nightmare. Go with your gut instinct and work with your designer. Remember, Aunt Kiki isn’t a trained Designer!

4. Revisions
Keep in mind that Designers will have revision amounts stated in their contract. Be aware of this as they generally will charge extra if you go over that amount. When it comes to logo design, although you should go with your gut instinct, take the time to sit back and think about it. It is after all, a little but very important symbol that will define and brand your company!

Visit this link to see some famous ugly logos

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